VizEat in Madrid: Eating with the locals

VizEat in Madrid: Eating with the locals

When I was told that VizEat had eventually arrived in Madrid, I honestly had mixed feelings about how the foodies’ reactions would be, taking into account that Spaniards are known for our passion for eating out. So, I had to go check myself!

VizEat is an app where visitors, locals, chefs, and lovers of good food connect and share experiences around a table.

In my case, I got the perfect blend: I chose Angela (the chef) through the app (you can download it from the appstoreand found out that Angela was a young Spanish lady who had spent the last four years learning and cooking as a personal chef in NYC. Now, she’s back in Madrid to keep on developing her practice and give some lessons about what she has learned.

Her proposal was unique and stood out from everything out there: a healthy Korean menu with her personal Spanish touch.

Cuki -as she’s known by her friends- has a wonderful house beautifully furnished that unconsciously invites you to take off your shoes and make yourself at home.

Thanks to the layout of the house (with an open-plan kitchen next to the main living room) we could instantly know what was being cooked up in the kitchen!

Ángela (the chef) cooking

So this Korean feast consisted of pork gyozas with sesame seeds as a starter, followed by the chicken lettuce rolls –diced sautéed chicken in hoisin sauce covered by fresh lettuce leaves.

Then, the main course arrived: the Bibimbap. This delicacy includes vegetables sautéed (mushrooms, carrots, spinach and bean sprouts) on a bed of rice. It comes with a fried egg and gochujang sauce on the top. A great mix of flavours well worth to try!

We walked out to the terrace for the coffee’s ritual. Thank God I was clever enough to leave some room for the amazing homemade carrot cake!

Homemade Carrot Cake

After this outstanding experience there’s no doubt that I’ll return to Angela’s very soon through VizEat app. It turned out to be an extraordinary afternoon surrounded by interesting people while sharing delicious dishes and passions.

I’ve been told that VizEat has lots of hosts as Angela across the world so I can’t wait to try it on my next trip to London!


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